Why the Kingdom of Eswatini

Why Invest in the Kingdom of Eswatini

  • Strong Investor protection framework: Signatory to MIGA, member of UNCTAD, Member of ICSID.
  • Abundance of qualified skills and competitively priced work force: the Kingdom of Eswatini ranks 11th in Literacy Index of Africa 2014; labour costs are 20% lower than in neighbouring South Africa.
  • Strong Business Support from Government: Government launched the Investor Roadmap Unit (IRMU) in August 2014 which seeks to reduce the cost of doing business and eliminate red tape.
  • Extended Market Access: Eswatini has access to preferential markets in regional and international arena such as COMESA; SACU; SACU-Mercosur; EPAs.
  • Close proximity to key ports such as Durban, Richards Bay and Mozambique.
  • Safe, secure, peaceful and friendly people: The country has a homogenous and peaceful tribe with a unifying cultural background that promotes peace and is well acclaimed by investors.


Proximity tomajor ports
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