The Board and Management of the Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA) would like to sincerely thank His Majesty's Government and all stakeholders for their tireless efforts in ensuring that Swaziland is re-admitted to the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

It is now the time for the business sector to again take advantage of this trade opportunity which allows for duty free market access to the USA market. It is also worth noting that the AGOA benefits have been extended to 30 September 2025. The benefits from the AGOA scheme are:

  • Duty free market access for over 6400 product tariff lines (products include inter alia: foodstuff and related products; agricultural products; dairy products; garments and apparel; metals and articles of base metals; leather and allied products and automotive).
  • A broader market in the USA with a population of over 320 million.
  • Third country fabric provision which allows for textile companies to import fabric, process it and export finished products to the USA.
  • The rules of origin are simple and flexible.  

In the past years, Swaziland has exported the following products to the USA which are expected to increase in volume under AGOA re-admission: sugar and sugar products; textile and apparel; canned fruits; handcraft products; chilli sauce; fruits and vegetables; honey and jam; and ethanol.

We are hopeful that the re-admission of Swaziland to AGOA will also trigger investment inflows in different sectors that are more export oriented which can lead to further job creation. SIPA will be having sector specific consultations with stakeholders to further unpack opportunities presented by AGOA.

Exporters are encouraged to continue contacting institutions that facilitate trade such as: International Trade Department in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade, Swaziland Revenue Authority (Customs Department) and the Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority.






THE recently endorsed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the country and the Republic of China on Taiwan on quality infrastructure cooperation will heighten the implementation of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) European Union (EU) Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

THE recently endorsed Memorandum  of  Understanding (MoU) between the country and the Republic of China on Taiwan on quality infrastructure cooperation will heighten the implementation of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) European Union (EU) Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). 

After the SADC-EU EPA came into full force on October 10, 2016 the country was left with a rigorous task of implementing it.

 Speaking during the EU-government EPA Trade and Investment seminar held on December 1, 2016, Pretoria based EU expert on Trade Promotion Godinez Aguirre De Carcer Ines said there was a need for the Kingdom to be branded as a country that produces high quality products.

“This is because the EU is a big, complex organisation, with stringent public and private standards that also require trustworthy suppliers,” she said. She said there was also a need to help and capacitate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to also benefit from the agreement through technical support, especially on quality standards, principles of fair trade and economic support.


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Swaziland Traders Directory

Are you an existing or potential exporter?

The Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority with technical assistance from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is developing a Traders Directory to profile trading and exporting companies in Swaziland.

The directory will be used as a marketing tool and will be distributed to COMESA member states, foreign embassies, government ministries, regulatory authorities, key industry stakeholders, the corporate community and at regional and international trade forums & missions.

Register your company in the 2017 Swaziland Trader's Directory.

Click here to download forms, additionally they are available at the SIPA offices.

Draft Exporters Directory Listings  


1st Floor, Sibekelo Building1, Mhlambanyatsi Road and Mavuso Trade & Exhibition Centre offices.

For more information call or email Urban 360 Agency, the executing consultant for this project.

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Tel: +268 2404 1662

Cell: +268 7864 7951







Lufafa Goldmine Linkage Workshop


The Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority with the mandate of promoting local and foreign direct investment and trade in Swaziland hosted a linkages workshop for local business partners with Lufafa Goldmine.  Lufafa Goldmine was launched by the King, on February 26, 2016. The Mine has opened new opportunities for insurance, engineering, drilling, recruitment, security services heavy machinery, quantity surveyors, recruitment services, security services and relocation services. The workshop intended on linking local suppliers and distributors of products and services that may be needed by Lufafa Gold in the near future. Lufafa Mine Secretary Musa Dlamini presented available opportunities to the local potential supplies. The launch attracted more than 70 people who were looking for opportunities that Lufafa disclosed during its presentation. The launch was very beneficial to the local suppliers who are looking for available opportunities under mining. 

Motor Show


SIPA also hosted a Motor show from the 14th - 17th April 2016. It was a four day conceptualized event to provide a strategic exhibition platform for local car/truck dealerships, car parts/accessories retailers, vehicle financers, vehicle insurance brokers and vehicle tracking solutions to showcase their products and services to company representatives and individuals who are potential buyers.


Sector participation

  • Car Industry - Peugot, Mazda, Mbabane Motors, Ford, Hyundai, Autohaus, Auto Mobile Cars and Mahindra
  • Trucks and Bus - Swazi Trucks and Bus
  • Tractor Dealers - Swazi Trac, Agrimech
  • Spares and Parts - Autozone
  • Banking and Finance - First National Bank, Swaziland Building Society, Swazi Bank, Standard Bank and Nedbank
  • Accessories - Drizit, Castrol and PropshaftQ
  • Insurance - Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation, Lidwala Insurance
  • Fleet Management - Eqstra Fleet Management, Auto Solutions, Car Trac and Digit Vehicle Tracking
  • Government Departments - Department of Fire & Emergency Services and Royal Swaziland Police 


Business Benefits

This Motor Expo managed to achieve direct sales of above E1.2 million, also creating a number of business leads. This expo was fruitful to most exhibitors with about two exhibitors who failed to make sales or get leads due to their business style.


Edu-Business Expo 2016

Edu-Business Expo 2016

The Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority hosted the EDU-BUSINESS EXPO 2016 from the 31st March 2016 to 2nd April 2016 at the Mavuso Exhibition and Trade Centre, themed 'AIM SOMEWHERE, GET THERE'. The Expo was officially opened by the principal Secretaries of the Ministry of Education, Labour and Social Security, Commerce Industry and Trade as well as Public Service. It was spiced up with seminars and mind games for learners. This Expo had two phases; career motivated and entrepreneur motivated. As it is well known that Government, through her programs is trying to increase the literacy rate at the same time curbing unemployment and poverty rates. With those economy determining pillars, it was inevitable for SIPA to hold this Edu-business Expo with an aim to contribute in helping the Kingdom achieve this.

Targeted participants

  • Students in form 3 and 5; the objective was to help them make informed decisions at the next grade and tertiary education carrier paths, this was done by providing seminar presentations where they would be given ways of helping them determine their career paths of choice at the same time assisting them understand challenges they may face after they complete their high school education.
  • Job Seekers and potential entrepreneurs; the objective was to create an informative platform for Swazi people, bridging the gap between jobs and entrepreneurship and also assist them make informed decisions on their current situation. This group is very critical in today's time, because they hold the future of the of the country, thus availing them accurate information and resources will help them achieve greater heights as far a poverty and unemployment reduction is concerned.
  • Human Resource Managers, Entrepreneurs, Trade Institutions and Tertiary Educators; Allow job seekers to network with HR personnel and recruitment agencies and get tips on creating successful resumes. Companies also get to see potential apprentice and graduate trainees that they may adsorb into companies according to hiring needs that exist within the company. Trade institutions furnished potential business people about the available business opportunities. By providing them with the exhibition platform, it further assist them to increase their visibility and later result to increases business opportunities.
  • Exhibitors; It is well known that business has greater chances of doing well in the very competitive business environment only if it positions and make itself visible to the final consumer of its services and goods. Since this Edu-Business Expo was its inauguration, its was astonishing to realise the huge number of exhibitors who have seen an opportunity in this show. An impressive 17 exhibitors participated during the show which included universities, public colleges, private colleges, major employing companies, agricultural institutions, stock exchange entity, Government parastatals and entrepreneurship supporting companies.