Illovo Limited

“Thanks to the stable investment climate and efforts by SIPA, Ubombo has grown to become the largest sugar mill in Swaziland with installed capacity to produce over 250,000 tons of sugar per season which constitutes 40% of the country’s output. The sugar is sold to markets in Europe, the US, South African Customs Union (SACU) and the regional markets. In the process, Ubombo has become a major employer in Swaziland with over 2,700 permanent and seasonal employees”.

Mr. Oswald Magwenzi

Managing Director

Ubombo Sugar

Stefanutti Stocks

Shaun White, Managing Director

“SIPA has been instrumental in marketing Swaziland for Trade and Investment opportunities; which has created opportunities in all sectors of the economy including the construction industry, for which we are grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with SIPA on the very successful Matsapha Factory Shells. We look forward to the continued success of SIPA and the benefits it brings to the Swazi economy”.

Mr. Shaun White

Managing Director, Stefanutti Stocks



Swazi Wire Industries

“We compliment SIPA on their continuing role towards assisting investors to smoothly enter the business community in Swaziland. SWAZI Wire continues to grow after some thirty years of expansion. We are continually grateful for the excellent climate, lower wages than neighboring countries, an abundance of educated English speaking workforce and favorable infrastructure; roads, rail, power and communications. We supply three “local” markets; Swaziland,Republic of South Africa and Mozambique with many borders crossing on all directions”

MR. Dale Allen

General Manager

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